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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 30, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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we have to see you right here next week and on into 2019. ♪ >> and we begin new hour with fox news alert, day 9 of partial government shutdown over president trump's border wall, both sides remain dug in for now but we hear that that could change in the coming days. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. >> i'm laura ingle in for arthel neville today. impact over border wall set to run new year with each side playing game game, as democrats prepare to take the house on thursday, nancy pelosi who has not yet wrapped up bid to remain speaker of gavel, taking vacation in hawaii, counselors to the president kellyanne conway not missing the chance to slam pelosi.
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>> first democrats need to come back, nancy pelosi needs to come back from hawaii, less mula for dhs and custom border control and they need to come to the table and fully fund democracy and demand and that the congress and the executive branch work together. >> ellison barber live at the white house with the latest on this, hi, ellison. >> hi, laura, we heard from south carolina republican lindsey graham. he was at the white house today having lunch with president trump, he said they met for about 2 hours talking about syria and also the government shutdown, lindsey graham said he left the meeting feeling encouraged at the same time he said president trump is firm in his commitment to make sure there's money for border security/a wall, he talked about the wall being used assort of an all encompassing term for border security. he said though he felt in his discussions with the president that they talked about the importance of a deal because he said there's no way that they are going to be able to get 60
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votes in the senate without giving something up for the democrats as well. he said, though, despite again, he left the meeting feeling very encouraged at the same time he could not say when the shutdown might end. here is a little bit of what he had to say. >> what i mentioned today is outline of potential breakthrough would be $5 billion for wall/border security, to bridge act and tps reform, that's in the realm of possibility. temporary status, given to individuals who are here who are not u.s. citizens for whatever reason unsafe or unable to return back to home country and he also talked a lot about the bridge act, act that -- piece of legislation that was initially introduced and drafted by lindsey graham and also senator dick durbin that dealt with dreamers, temporary relief from
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deportation. senator graham said that when he talked about those types of deals, perhaps those back and forth the president trump said interesting, though he did not commit to anything here. also topic at lunch today, senator lindsey graham, strong critic of president trump's decision to withdraw troops from syria, the south carolina senator saying that he learned things today that made him feel better about where things are headed in regards to syria. >> i think the president has come up with a plan with generals that makes sense to me. the goal is to make sure is is doesn't come back, we left iraq too soon. we had them in the ropes and left too soon. i think the president was committed to making sure when we leave syria that isis is completely defeated and we are inside the 10-yard line. >> i asked senator lindsey graham, not that we are not happy to see you over here but he is a republican and not democrat, we heard democrats
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that they have not been invited in the white house really in the last week for the negotiations, i asked why democrat wasn't with him today and if any had been invited an senator graham said it's difficult for democrats to come to the white house when they are vacationing in hawaii. >> yes, no such thing as a slow news day over at the white house, ellison. thank you so much for the report. >> you bet. eric: laura, the back and forth over the president's demand for the border wall and the shutdown of course the two top, lawmakers may not be working on capitol hill but seems they have no problem run to go tv studio to talk about it. garrett tenney has more. >> negotiation from party leaders haven't been happening as you typically see during shutdown, behind the scene, lawmakers are trying to work out a deal, current proposals include funding for wall, fix or daca and provisions that democrats support, the idea was the hope that those additions
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could be enough to get a deal but that was also the hope with bipartisan immigration deal that president trump made last year and today on face the nation, senator john tester wasn't optimistic this time around would be any different. >> i think we have been here before. i was in the room when the president said if congress passed something i will sign it and then he moved back away from that and so i think ultimately in the end we do need comprehensive immigration reform. there's no doubt about that, but in the end we need to know what the president wants and hopefully he will stick to it. >> senator lindsey graham is one of the lawmakers working behind the scenes to come up with a deal, the problem right now democratic leaders aren't interested in negotiating or trying to reach a compromise. >> the bottom line is they want trump to win more than they want the country to win, i fear, at the end of the day there's a fear to be had, everybody is changing position here and most americans are tired of it. >> lawmakers are expecting
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negotiations will pick up later this week once the new congress begins but until then, the shutdown will drag on and of course, the finger pointing across the aisle will continue. >> all right, garrett, thanks so much. laura. >> authorities are arresting total of 7 people believed to have mislead law enforcement about whereabouts a man accused of killing northern california police officer, gustavo pérez was living in the u.s. illegally and is a known gang member. he's suspected of shooting officer early wednesday during traffic stop. the newman city police chief warning. >> he was a kind man. you know, i talked about our department being a family and every family has the smiley, happiy jokester one and that was ronel and that was taken from us and it's been very difficult for our department. >> that was heartbreaking interview this morning on fox. jeff paul is live in los angeles
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with the very latest on this developing story, high, hi, jeff. >> 8 people in custody being arrested in the case, first gustavo pérez, the man that authorities say shot and killed corporal, the suspect's brothers and girlfriend, arrested for trying to help arriega, following the developments, randy richardson spoke with fox news about losing one of the finest officers, one of 12 in the entire department. >> it's a tremendous blow and we are having our ups and downs, we have good days, we have bad days, not everyone is having them at the same time. we've had incredible support from other law enforcement agencies stepping in when we need to cover our streets because we are not able to handle those shifts, it's been a
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tough, tough few days. >> authorities say the suspect was in the country illegally, in fact, they say he was making run for the border the day he was arrested investigators also say he had previous arrests for dui's and known gang affiliations, several now including sheriffs in the area are calling out california's so-called sanctuary laws, newman police chief randy richardson was asked about today. >> i would hope that people out there find this tragedy to what it is, it's just a tragedy. i want to remember ranel and not really so much about everything else. it was a senseless tragedy, it could have been prevented, but unfortunately we are here today having this conversation because it was not prevented. >> cor portion ral leaves behind a wife and 5-month-old son. the suspect expected in court on wednesday. laura. >> jeff paul in west coast news
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room, heartbreaking story, thank you so much. we encourage everyone to get online and look at sb54 and dig deeper into what the story has a lot to do with. thank you very much, jeff. eric: just outrage, immigration advocacy groups slamming homeland secretary kirstjen nielsen saying tour of border in the weekend will not change anything that of course of tragic deaths of two migrant children two weeks apart while in u.s. custody. secretary nielson calling for new protections for migrants, madeline rivera has more from el paso, texas. >> the visit is in in case is only damage control. >> immigrant advocate fernando garcía says department homeland security kirstjen nielsen's visit to the border won't be enough especially to the families of two guatemalan children who died this month while held in cdp.
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>> this is too late. i don't know exactly what they will do. >> the deaths of flip' gómez alonso and 7-year-old jacqueline prompted policy changes within dhs including investigating the uptick in sick children crossing border and expanding medical treatments and assessment. nileson slammed immigration system in spike of children crossing illegally across the border. despite the changes, garcía believes the crisis will continue. >> it's not making any difference because the policy that's criminalizing immigrants, it's putting children in jail is not changing, independently of the visit so far secretary nielsen. the secretary's visit at least draws attention to the problem which is better than nothing at all. >> if washington is looking at what is taking place, that's better than if washington is not looking at what's taking place, the real question for me is there going to be follow through, is there going to be
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carry-over, democratic senator feinstein calling for senate hearing early next year to investigate the cbp treatment of children. eric: laura. >> new jersey state prosecutors are looking into possible immigration fraud as trump national golf clubs in new jersey, prosecutors reportedly collecting evidence that supervises at the clubs may have committed several immigration crimes by handing out safe green cards to undocumented workers. fbi and special counsel robert mueller have reported played in the inquiry, immigration officials have decline today comment on the allegations as of yet. >> the house probe in republican allegations, fbi and department of justice had bias, the probe coming to an end. the house oversight and judiciary committees looking into possible proclinton and antipresident trump bias, the investigations of clinton e-mail scandals and 2016 trump
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campaign, antitrump text messages between fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page and other issues, congressman trey gowdy and goodlatte sent letter and sent majority leader reading, quote, special counsel should be appointed to investigate not only decisions made and not made during investigations but way it is two investigations were seemingly conducted. the house republicans have not produced a final report but they are urging congress to continue the investigation as to democrats officially take control of the house this coming wednesday. they have accused republicans of using hearings for purely partisan and political purposes pointing out the democrats say that the inspector general report saying there was no evidence that bias affected the investigation. >> well, a new investigative report highlighting security failures in february's mass shooting at high school in
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parkland florida, deeply disturbing. children at douglas high routinely unlock doors, 17 people still remember. eric: tinder date takes turn for the worst. youtube fitness star eric repeatedly stabbed date inside his mother's home at southeast of boston. died after police arrived and tasered him, he's been suffering psychotic break days before attack, police say she will need plastic surgery and an eye specialist. >> as the battle over the border wall drags on and the government still not back to work, could a compromise be on the works.
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>> welcome back, partial shutdown in week number 2. indications that deal could could be made possibly including both border funding and daca, will we have most likely we will have to wait until new congress comes in later this week, it's all about timing, right? joining me now associate editor and fox news contributor john, thanks for being here on holiday weekend. you saw what just happened at the white house, lindsey graham meeting with the president, having lunch, so what are you hearing about this potential compromise and can we even call it really, this is a discussions happening behind the scenes, we are hearing that several senators are involved now. the ball needs to be moved forward but is this a start? >> yeah, all things are true and it's unclear how much traction this is getting. a daca deal and a wall, border security, it's been out there before.
1:19 pm
these have been options for the president and senate and house to resolve issue, it's been out there in the past, whether or not the white house is going to look at the calendar and say this time we are going to take this possibility a bit more seriously because come january 3rd, it's a democratic house of representatives, right now they've got leverage, they have republicans that can pass a deal in the house that can be confirmed in the senate and the president can sign it, we will see. lindsey graham has fueled the notion that you can provide assurance for continued residents of the united states, the dreamers, kids that were born here, parents that were illegal immigrants in return for 5 billion plus and border security including a wall. >> right. two senators went on morning shows today to discuss the standoff as you mentioned, republican senator lindsey graham. i want to play you a sound of what he had to say about that. >> here is what i think might work, $5 billion for the
1:20 pm
wall/border security, democrats have voted for more than that in the past, we have about 400,000tps people who came here from natural disasters and war-torn countries decades ago, their visas are running out, so basically 5 billion for the wall, plus the bridge act, tps and some legal changes to do away with magnets might save the day in the senate. >> negotiations are at impasse, two very different takes on what's happening here, both from republicans. >> right, it's going to depend on what president trump wants to do. the democrats, it's interesting to hear lindsey graham sending balloon trying to get for arrangement that's been out in the past that he has supported in the past but if the president is not going to be behind it, the senate won't do anything until the president is very clear on what he will consider a signable deal.
1:21 pm
he may feel that doing something with the dreamers disadvantages him with his base. on the other hand, the democrats may say any discussion of a wall at this stage politically is not advantageous to the democrats. nancy pelosi, give you a border security, a billion 3, that means technology and enhanced presence there but forget the idea of a wall. >> right, all of this, of course, big portion of it i should say we are all talking about what happened in california with the police officer shot and killed by alleged illegal immigrant who was pulled over on christmas. this, of course, brings up the border wall fight again in a very different light, very real light with both sides, it's been a horrible, horrible time with this happening at christmas as well. so there's outrage but spill over into the new year, will it remain fresh enough, fresh for everybody involved but people want this conversation to keep going and make it a point?
1:22 pm
>> yeah, it's hard to say, this was a tragedy in california, the death of this policeman, how that affects this politically, it's unclear, there were 144 law enforcement officers killed in 2018, the majority by gun violence, does this become illegal immigrant debate or a gun violence debate, we will have to see in the coming days, i'm sure it'll be played both ways by the parties but no question, this is a tremendous tragedy in california. >> okay, i've got to let you go, the shutdown if you had to guess a timeline, when might it end? >> the democrats want it to -- don't want it to end before january 3rd. it's in the interest to get some kind of resolution before the democrats take control of the house. >> all right, interesting start to new year. >> yes, indeed. >> that's for sure. john busse, thank you so much for being with us today. >> thanks, laura, john, russia and syria responding to
1:23 pm
president trump's sudden move pulling troops out of syria, what they now plan? plus release the fbi jimmy hoffa files, it's all part of fox nation special, the search for james r.hoffa, the blood in the house where hitman killed hoffa. >> what you found is all that's left of the body of jimmy hoffa. >> today the fbi will not comment about the case, what the informants likely did, time to release secrets in full. the documents made publicly available so far have been heavily redacted, you should see what they said. >> i would support any effort at full disclosure. famous american who vanished from a public place in broad
1:24 pm
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>> russia said it's reached understanding with turkey on how to move forward in syria in response to president trump's to remove 2,000 troops from the country, sparking fears the early exit could empower isis and iran. hi, trey. >> as u.s. troops prepare to leave syria the effects are being felt across the region. on friday russian-backed syrian forces entered the north eastern city at the invitation of kurdish fighters, previously the two groups have fought bloody battles in syria, the kurds fear
1:29 pm
massive turkish military operation once u.s. troops leave the country. on saturday u.s. coalition fighter jets still flying over but the future of the city remains up in the air, the city is critical area, 20 miles from turkish border and turkey president erdogan promised major operation against the kurds. critics of president trump says betrayal of kurdish fighters, since 2016 local fighters backed by the united states have controlled after reclaiming it from isis. residents are now in a difficult position, they face either invasion by the turks or see the syrian army take control of the city both of which could lead to more violence in northern syria. now a successful takeover of monji by syrian government forces would be another victory by syrian president bashar al-assad who has seen somewhat of a normalization with countries in the region following a gruesome civil war just last week the united
1:30 pm
emirates announced they will be moving embassies in the syrian capital of demascus. >> thank you so much for report. eric. eric: for more on this let's bring in rebecca grant, president of iris independent research. always great to see you. critics like senator lindsey graham at the white house today surely told the president what he said in public that's a quote, disaster in the making, hands over syria to assad, putin and iran and shakes our allies' fate or is the president making a wise decision do you think? is this a wise move by vowing to reality? >> well, let's put it in perspective, first of all, 2,000 additional forces with a bit more free tactical guidance and they've achieved a mission that they were sent to do which was to bring down isis, isis controls only 1% of the territory that they used to have. i think the military forces in that specific region have
1:31 pm
already done what they do best, but eric, let's remember that we are not pulling out of the region. we have 5,000 forces in iraq, air power is still very strong and supporting activity on the ground and we are part of that big defeat isis coalition. what's happening here, though, is that we are going to see now if syrian government forces will start to move in northeast region and provide buffer between the syrian rebel forces and the sdf and turkey itself, it's going to be very complicated over the next few weeks. eric: what are the concerns and worries as you know this could definitely and does involve iranians and iranians advance in their push in syria at potentially our expense. >> yes, and iran's push across the whole middle east region is one of the real tragedies to have last decade. we see often earlier this month israeli strike against iranian forces inside syria so containing iran remains very important, but the fact is that
1:32 pm
our u.s. forces in ground have been operating in small slice and that's not an area that we want to hold over time so i think what senator graham is saying, he looked at more of the intelligence with the president and they are waiting to see if turkey and the syrian rebel forces and even russia can work something out to make that a more stable area. in the end it's going to be up to the syrians to stabilize that country and make no mistake, question go back in there any time if iran start to create more mischief than we can tolerate special ops ready to go any time they are needed. >> were 2,000 special opts was that enough to hold the line not against tehran's expansion but russia's as well as assad seeming victory despite the butchery and catastrophic disaster and human catastrophe that he has caused? >> well, again to be clear, 2,000 forces some of which were special ops and some army, it's
1:33 pm
past too late to deal with russia's presence, they have two long-term military bases there and russia will keep assad in power, that unfortunately was lost many years ago back in 2014, 2015 time frame. eric: what do you should have happened? bomb the roadways. teenagers started spray painting and protesting and parents got mad and when the butchery started that the western power, bomb the runways to try ground helicopters to kill people? >> talking to 2013, western powers regret we didn't take stronger action at the time. we had good military options and we regret now easy to see, what trump did was to try to augment forces to clean up the rest of the river valley and they have been successful. they took back they needed and most of all, we went into syria
1:34 pm
to secure iraq and retake iraq and make sure that isis couldn't use that part of syria to overthrow iraq that was really our number one objective and that has been achieved. >> there are concerns with 20 to 30,000 isis believers still believed to be there that they will now reform, grow and they could pose a continued threat to europe and to our homeland. >> something we will always have to watch because isis is now switching from the geographic caliphate which has been taken away to a cyber caliphate, an attempt to use the internet to recruit, but, again, they are down to a very small num, it'll be to rest to defeat isis coalition, don't forget france has about a thousand forces on the ground as well. defeat isis coalition has to rebuild syria, help syria stabilize and tamp down both the cyber and any business-related activities that could let isis
1:35 pm
grow again but having iraq more secure will help us out a lot as well and we still need to work closely with turkey, very key nato ally in the region, very key to our stance against russia so we have to make sure that turkey can tolerate the security situation in syria as well. eric: do you think turkey can be -- erdogan talks about moving in and wiping out the kurds, he sees the groups as terrorists. >> yeah, that's right and even secretary mattis has said that turkey has some legitimate concerns because of the kurdish and here is the question, eric, will syrian government forces be able to create civil any the region, so uncomfortable but turkey is a hugely important nato ally, in the military perspective they are great ally, they have forces involved in afghanistan now and turkey controls the whole southern part of the black sea region so on a military perspective we get along very well with turkish
1:36 pm
military and this is something they have to be part of any solution in that region as well as in the black sea region so we have to go forward with turkey, not in opposition to them. >> so finally, quickly, how do you see it shaping up a year from now, who is protecting whom, what does it look snriek. >> the best possible situation is that we start to see more humanitarian aid in syria, refugees return, we are talking about over 8 million refugees and we see a truce with participation by syrian government forces, agreed to by turkey and with the u.s. air and navy and special ops continuing to watch over that region. that is not going away. the u.s. will continue to watch over the region. mark my words. eric: important watch. dr. rebecca grant, always good to see you, certainly it's been a human stain what's happened in that country and hopefully it can end, thank you. >> thank you, eric. >> laura. >> the markets taking nose dive
1:37 pm
in december but will this continue in new year and if so could that mean the recession some economists say could be on the horizon? >> the fundamentals are strong, you know, secretary of treasury made the calls to the major banks and recorded that they have said liquidity there. we know there's great consumer confidence, if you look at what was spent over the holiday season this music is supposed to relax me, though. ♪ maybe you'd mellow out a bit if you got geico to help you with your renters insurance. oh, geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. yeah, and they could save you a lot of money. wow, suddenly i feel so relieved. you guys are fired. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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>> either policy mistake or a massive market accident to push us into recession. but we will slow down unless we build on the progrowth policies and i think the reference to infrastructure is an important one. you can get both parties to support that and an infrastructure effort would increase productivity. >> all right, chief economic adviser for financial she wases giant el-erian weighing on
1:42 pm
recession, most economic experts don't think it will happen and some do and the idea has investors jittery especially after stocks took a plunge this month and what can we expect in 2019, joining me now capitol management president and fox news contributor gary kaulbaum. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, we hope it's a good one, it wasn't just investors, this made a lot of people nervous last week, we want to get your take on some of the predictions that the r word recession, is very scary, what were the economic trends be for the new year? >> well, i can tell you this, if anybody will go into recession it'll be europe, it'll be japan, germany and japan are contracting, we are the best of all and i am not so sure we will go into recession but the buzz word will be slower growth throughout the world, the
1:43 pm
business cycle has not been abolished and i think what you're seeing in the market is the markets feeling it out and the markets reacting to it and i think all earning expectations most economic statistics, the new norm would be expectations are going to come down and we have been slowly started to see them here. >> you know, gary, not everyone is watching the stock market so closely like you do and many colleagues do, they take notice when we have a wild ride bike the one we had, many people are wondering what is causing such volatility while in the midst of economy, here is more what the chief economic adviser said today. fox news sunday. >> i think the most likely outcome is decoupling, the economy will remain strong growing 2 and a half, 3%, wages will continue to rise at 3% or north of that and the economy on a stand-alone basis will look fine but because of what's happening in the rest of the world, because liquidity conditions have changed, markets
1:44 pm
will remain volatile. >> the holiday season was good for retailers, we seem people spending, what more should we read into all of this, gary? >> i think the market is a great predictor of the future, 3 to 6 months out. i can tell you that foreign markets topped out last february and now we are starting to get the bad numbers as i mentioned europe and japan, so i think we will see 2% gdp or less. the good news is if we do not into a recession, if things don't get really bad eventually the market will find the low, not sure where but i think probably more price to go because i don't think this action happens by accident but even mutually we will come out of it. 100% guaranty of bearish markets, they have always ended throughout history and always gone to all-time highs, it's just a matter of how long it takes and how far it goesment my biggest worry is all the leverage in the system, we have more leverage now than we had in
1:45 pm
'07 and '08 when they said everything was fine and that's something that needs to be watched out for as well as the deficits not only here and around the globe that nobody wants to do anything about especially here in either party and that's a worry going forward. >> you know, you mentioned international players, how much of the trade war with china plays into all of this, do you feel american consumers are feeling the effects and if we haven't, how soon could we? >> certain industries have, in most markets the stocks i look at caterpillar and boeing which have a lot to do with trade, they've been getting hit the hardest, yeah, that's a big component and the big worry we have been hearing for a year now a deal is ready to go, a deal is ready to go, just yesterday the president tweeted again that they had great talk over the weekend and things are great and then all of a sudden we hear a few hours later maybe it was being overstated. they just need to get a deal done already and get past this because uncertainty always
1:46 pm
overhangs the market, overhang it is psychology and again you're seeing it in the market action on a daily basis, wild swings right now. >> investors will be watching key economic reports especially you just mentioned names there, manufacturing and unemployment. what are you looking for beyond names you mentioned specific schoi we can all look over your shoulder? >> every time we come out with numbers in the united states in the last few weeks, numbers have been less than expected whether it's durable goods or some of the regional numbers that come out. i would like to see the stabilize. i would like to see numbers come out that are much better than expected, i think markets will react much better than that. by the way, we haven't mentioned the central bank yet, they've been doing their job and, of course, the president has been complaining about it. i'm in hopes he stops talking about it. everything will be fine if he gets away from it and let's fed do their little thing.
1:47 pm
>> thanks so much for being here. eric: good year, the countdown to the countdown with 2018 almost over, time square is getting ready for another big new year's eve celebration, there is it is live where all the big dos will happen later on tomorrow night and we will take you there live next.
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1:51 pm
>> rainy weather with dampen knew year's eve celebration for many in the new east and how does that affect wardrobe, let's turn to meteorologist erin. what are we looking at, erin. >> unfortunately you need to pack pancho, very soggy new year's eve, here is the set-up, pretty cold conditions for north central region, touch of snow in new mexico and also across the northern midwest but big story really is the rain. here it is, all the way from the south up to the northeast. we are already seeing the moist air in the east coast already with some rain across texas, that's going to be shooting off to the north and to the east
1:52 pm
tonight and into tomorrow and that is going to cause problems for travelers and all sorts of people who are hoping to do any kind of outdoor plans for new year's eve. the set-up for northeast, the rain will move across ohio valley reaching places like washington, d.c. by the morning. in the afternoon, it's going to reach new york. here is the future cast and you can see the rain is moving in. we will see heavier downpours reaching new york around midnight. we could see an inch. certainly soggy conditions for anyone heading to times square. moving forward, here are the temperatures, the good news is it's going to be pretty warm, so the real feel temps for new york 40's, atlanta in 60's, look at fargo, yikes, frigid conditions, 36 below, here is the forecast for new york, 48-degrees, we will see
1:53 pm
occasional rain, brief downpours and a little bit of a breeze, by compare this to last year as we bring in 2019, 45 for accu weather temperature last year remember it was cold about 5-degrees below. here is the set-up, mostly cold and dry in southeast, we will see more rain and in new york, close to record temperatures, 59, the record is around 62, so it's going to be a warm one, in el paso will be in the 40's, thank you. >> we will send our love to fargo with those temperatures. >> that's right. >> thank you so much, erin. eric. eric: little bit of rain or a lot it will not stop the big ball from dropping in times square, right now preparations for the world's biggest iconic new year's celebration, well, practicing and getting ready as you can see jackie is there in
1:54 pm
times square among those folks joins us live. >> there's a party out here. 112th year and going strong, did you ever wonder why we dropped the ball in the first place? tradition dates mid 1800's to signal time to sailors to people who didn't have watches, this is more special, bring in the new year, this morning tested the ball drop mechanism signaling start of 2019 and tested 32,000 lights, more than a billion people will be watching on tv tomorrow night. the ball got a makeover ahead of big event, new year new look, the theme is the gift of harmony, 192 crystals installed in new pattern on thursday but there's been no slimming down. it is still 12 feet in diameter, near 12,000 pounds and encrusted with 12,000 crystals. iron and wood, 100 lightbulbs,
1:55 pm
we have come a long way since 1907. of course, preparation is in the security. dozen of nypd officers and sniper teams on rooftops and using drones and 1200 security cameras. no credible threats but intelligence is working around the clock. >> the bottom line is this, people will be safe on monday and they should feel safe too because the nypd and our law enforcement partners are prepared. it's going to be one of the most well-police, best-protected events and safest venues in the entire world. >> of course, the city is also preparing for the massive clean-up effort that will follow. last year city workers cleared up 67 tons of debris from times square after festivities ended. part of clean-up is all the confetti, the city dropped 1 and a half tons on the crowd and in a tradition last year, the
1:56 pm
confetti will have people's wishes written on it, submitted in person in times square and also online to get resolutions ready, 31 hours away from 2019, eric. eric: sounds like the party is already under way. thanks, we will be right back. ,. >>the team? gooo team.... know what's better than overnight shipping? free one hour pickup when you order online... or on our app. at office depot officemax
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newsroom. please do name. great to have you with. >> so fun to be here. we want to thank you for joining us. god saw the next on fox news. shut up i don't know about you but in 2018 i saw staff i never thought i would see the end of the jerry springer show. i thought that crap would live forever. the revival of rosanne, the cancellation of rosanne. [laughter] and this. >> donald trump. [buzzer] [bleep] all the countries in africa it


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